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My name is Jakob Westman and I'm an illustrator / graphic designer / art director from Stockholm, Sweden. A few years ago I made a page for a few friends who lived in the US. It was a small tour of my flat, or rather, of the stuff in it (my friend in Chicago had done something similar with his new flat in Chicago, and shared with friends and family in Sweden). Somehow, my page was picked up by someone using Stumbleupon, and suddenly it had +70K visits in a weekend. When I discovered it had "gone public" I had to change a few captions, but it's still more or less what it was that first weekend.
I recently released an art book called Color Blast vol 2. If you like the stuff on this page, you might also appreciate the stuff in my book. Click here to go to the shop, where there's a full preview of the book. Enjoy!

I'm a huge fan of Nathan Jurevicius and when he had a gallery show in Australia last summer I was able to get my hands on three of his canvases. I really love 'em! This one here is number 6 in an edition of 30. You can also see inset shelves with Hellboy stuff in the back. And the corner of my drawingboard and scanner.

And here's the drawingboard/workspace with a print from Mr Ragnar and a Metropolis movie poster by Pietari Posti / Underware. The desktop illustration is done by Barnaby Ward. An amazing artist from Barbados.

Yet another canvas. A Wonder Woman, drawn by me and inspired by a photo of Keira Knightley. It's also published in my artbook – Color Blast! Vol. 2 (available for $24 incl shipping). The canvas was printed by Blaugallery, and they did a great job. I can totally recommend them! The inset shelves next to it have some DC Animated / Bruce Timm related maquettes in them.

Here's the top left section of the display shelves. The Shawn Nagle Hellboy on the left (ltd ed of 25 copies) is the pride and joy of my collection. Next to it, the Randy Bowen and Electric Tiki statues. In front of them, the two busts from Bowen Designs.

Two custom busts from Hellboy forum favourites Ivar Laus (yet to be painted) and John Thompson flanking the amazingly chubby vinyl Hellboy by Eric So. Whatta beauty!

In the far back is my most recent piece. The 10" Hellboy Animated figure. It's really nice and I like it a lot. Next to that one you'll find a customized Big Blast! action figure (with horns) that I'm quite fond of. Did that custom myself. Gotta repaint the face of that Liz figure though. I can't stand the look of her. It's either that or the closet (where her buddies Johann and Roger currently reside).

Here's the Hellboy version of Baba Yaga that Hourglass Studios did. Beverly Gilroy of Hourglass Studios also did the Hellboy nodder. The Katsuya Terada Hellboy next to it is slightly modified with both horns filed down. The original has one long horn and one short. The eyes are re-painted, but you can't see that here. Then there's a 1:6 scale Vespa and some guitars for another action figure / pop music project I'm fiddling with.


And now the shelves on the right hand side. Seven maquettes from Justice League and the big Alex Ross Superman. You can also spot the Frank Miller Batman/Catgirl statue in the back. I think those two should go into storage. They look nice, but the shelf would look better without them.

Some original 12" Maquettes from the WB Studio Stores. And three commissioned maquettes. Beverly Gilroy did the Poison Ivy and the Batgirl. And an amazingly talented guy called Kristopher Meadows did the Supergirl. I really like that one.

More 12" Maquettes (or 1:6 scale) from the WB Studio Stores. In the back you'll find an old Bruce Wayne & Ace from Batman Beyond. Beverly Gilroy did both that one and the Vampirella maquette based on an illustration by Bruce Timm. In the right corner is another custom made maquette of the Joker. Forgot who did that one. An animator on the Batman TV Series I think.

Smaller statues from DC Direct and a really nice unofficial statue with Ivy, Harley and Catwoman that I'm not sure who did. If anyone knows, let me know.

My sparkling kitchen. Gotta love those Gorillaz!

And my bedroom with two large size prints from James Jean. A Fables cover to the left and a Batgirl cover to the right.

To the right of the bed there's a neat little cherry blossom light from Habitat. I picked that up in London and was really pleased with it. A few weeks later I found it here in Stockholm. With a Swedish wall socket connection. Early bird obviously doesn't get the worm. Early bird gets an wall socket adaptor.

Books, books, books...
Books are my biggest addiction. Some people get home from holidays with their bags full of clothes, perfume or liquor. Mine are full of books. To the left of the bookshelf there's a canvas print much like the Wonder Woman in the hallway. This one was originally drawn as a pinup for Peter Bergting's comic The Portent. Unfortunately I don't have wall space enough for it at the moment.
It's also published in my artbook – Color Blast! Vol. 2 (available for $24 incl shipping).

Even more books. And look at those cute felt Kaijus on the cabinet to the right! They're done by the super creative and super nice Jonathan Edwards & Louise Evans. Louise has also done some really great stuff with/for Jon Burgerman. Now there's a match made in heaven!

Here's yet another canvas from Nathan Jurevicius (number 3 in an edition of 30). I ran out of bookshelves and recently added these in the bedroom. I also had some plexi display stands custom made to better be able to display my books.

Cowboy Kate by Sam Haskins, some postcard sets from Jordan Crane and Adrian Tomine.
Next to them is a ltd ed box (edition of 12) promoting Big City, from Mr. Ragnar (Brandon Johnson).

Tim Biskup, Gama Go and Jamie Hewlett goodies. And more...

I adore these cute Peecol figures from German eBoy. And I love the Miroslav Sasek books next to them.

Even more Hewlett funnies! These are for grown-ups only ;)
I couldn't make up my mind about which one to get... so I got 'em all.

More books... Some by Adrian Tomine to the left and some by Tim Biskup in the front. Btw, if anyone knows who owns this piece of Tomine artwork I'd love to get my hands on it. Willing to trade or pay quite a bit for it.

And the gorgeous FWY book. I can totally recommend it! Next to it is a really nice book/toy box from Rolito Boy.

Part of my crowded bookshelf. Book are by far my biggest weakness. I just can't stay away from them. To the right are the Hellboy – Anung Un Rama litho and the Wake The Devil 3-sheet promo poster. Stowed away like that. Poor things...

In the living room now with music DVDs, books and more. The Pup-in-a-cup and Sleepwalker figures from Yoshitomo Nara are real nice. You can also see Choco & Minty and the Bossy Bear by David Horvath of Uglydoll fame. And a huge ltd ed Poster Box by Katsuya Terada. And James Jean's new Art Book, Process Recess 2.

And next to them, yet another canvas from Nathan Jurevicius (number 11 in an edition of 30).

On the opposite side of the doorway is a pretty busy set of DVD-shelves.
And a huge Batgirl / Poison Ivy print by Craig Rousseau. Inkjet on watercolor paper.

Three huge Batman covers by Dave Johnson. Inkjet on watercolor paper. Looks great!

CD-lockers and the old and new Gorillaz figures from Kidrobot. And my cute pod-speakers from Scandyna (Blue Room).

The new set is a bit too small for my taste.

But I really love the old ones.

And here's what the living room looked like Christmas 2008. These Nightmare Before Christmas toys from Jun Planning are really gorgeous and took quite a few years to hunt down. Poor Oogie Boogie wouldn't fit on the shelves so unfortunately he's still in storage. Maybe next year...

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